The “EPCF” Turnkey Model provides the following:

  • “Engineering” – In-house employment of Geological Investigation Services, Professional Civil, Mechanical Engineering & Quantity Surveying Services,
  • “Procurement” – The acquisition of “right-fit” technologies, methodologies, materials & human resources required to deliver the complete works
  • “Construction” – The delivery of a high standard product, at a competitive price, on time
  • “Funding” – Through “G-to-G” negotiations, our Financial Partners can offer and support the customized package which best fits our Clientele requirements

A.    GRAVEL ROAD/BASE COURSE STABILIZING (Soil Tech Mkiii Polymer-Based Road Stabilizers):

  • All-Weather, high traction unsurfaced gravel roads providing 24/7 use
  • Stabilized insitu base course – No need to import selected materials from quarry or borrow
  • Design capable of carrying >300t single axle loads
  • Stormwater penetration into base course reduced and run-off into side drains improved.

B.    COLD PREMIX SURFACING (Asphal Tech Polymer-Based Surfacing):

  • Technology allows for 20-40mm thick surfacing to be laid using locally sourced aggregate which reduces costs considerably
  • “AsphalTech” surfacing will not bleed, shrink, crack or shear under extreme temperatures and traffic loads
  • Maintenance costs are considerably reduced


  • Stormwater design & construction including structural concrete culverts
  • River bridge construction & other structural concrete services
  • Road marking, signage, lighting, safety barriers
  • Seamless “Infra-red” pothole repair technology

Polymer-Based Soil Stabilizers

  •  State of the art polymer stabilizing technology is applied to new or existing gravel roads capable of single axle loads of > 300t
  • All-weather unsurfaced gravel roads benefitting from uninterrupted 24/7 use
  • Improved quality of road & drive ability reduces operating
  • costs, tyre wear & tear whilst improving driver safety
  • Technology is used on insitu materials which reduces the need to import specified materials from borrow or commercial source
  • 30% reduction in construction costs & 50% reduction in
  • construction time & 300% extended longevity
  • Up to 6% saving on CO₂ emissions impacting on the environment

Polymer-Based Dust Suppressants

  •  Sustainable gravel road dust suppressant technology reducing dusting by >85%
  • Technology does not require daily spray application
  • of “Dust-Tech”
  • Massive water savings (up to 80%)
  • Highly cost effective for unsurfaced gravel road network
  • Nano-polymer technology provides all-weather ride ability promoting driver safety & lower application costs
  • Environmentally sustainable

Technical Benefits:

  •  Specially Designed Premix Bitumen For Africa
  • Permanent Pothole Repair Solution
  • Fully Fitted Vehicle
  • Existing Material Re-Used – No Waste
  • Speed, Safety & Efficiency
  • Economical
  • No Dust
  • No Saw Cutting
  • No Mechanical Excavating/Demolition
  • Open to Traffic Immediately
  • 2 Year Warrantee

Our focus on employing a highly qualified & motivated human resource component within our business has enabled us to undertake & successfully complete projects involving:

  • Gravel & Surfaced Road Construction
  • River/Road/Rail Bridge Construction
  • Dams & Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Structural Concrete Water Towers
  • Structural Steel Gantries & Bridges
  • Solar Energy Plants Providing Alternative Energy To The Grid
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